Lotus of Cohesion

The Truth of the Universe is that our Collective Cohesion is the journey of ourselves through the Golden Threads of our Divine Counterparts. And that as we surrender to our Soul Mates, and welcomes our full selves in to be seen, we allow and collect these various fragments of our collective whole, merging into an even more miraculous shape of Unified Source where we meet and dance with one another in our vulnerable beauty, in our essence, and our Holy Spirit, by surrendering to the transparency of our Wholeness.

This dance is what illuminates our hearts to our fullest, finding solace in the brilliant nature of being nurtured by the Universe in our excellent grace of bridging worlds and gaps between where one of us sees, and where the rest of us see. Thus, creating a rainbow connection of Heaven and Earth inside, by bringing our complementary aspects in the form of other bodies into our scape of Self, completing parts Within that may not be accessed [as easily] without the reflection of another.

And this mycelium web of connectivity, just as in our brains and our bodies, weaves our consciousness into a Divine Illumination in Crystal Clarity and Totality.

Where we truly feel Whole. Where our shadows; our aspects which are self-deprecating in whatever way, whether a mind-state of lack or discrimination or doubt; Our shadows are personal and embraced in an openness that we recognize that each of us along this path of awakening are experiencing various shades and hues of these same patterns and conditions we so wholeheartedly wish to liberate ourselves from and transcend in healthful and complete ways.

So when we can acknowledge this so fully, we see that our vulnerability, our sensitivity, our transparency with our emotions, with our troubles and our feelings, can come into cohesion and be accepted and seen and transmuted together because this is the responsible thing to do …

This is what one will do when truly owning and caring for and seeing this inevitable process of Life, where the mirror is turned around, humbly, and reciprocated with Love.

The unraveling and grand discovering of our true nature is an on-going and ceaseless journey of self-discovery; an inevitably gorgeous jewel of our inner awakening, where we enjoy life and all of its sensations in their fullest and purest lights; where each of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, Dream to Be.

Like the lotus blooming, or the onion peeling . . .

We are the Seed of Creation creating itself into being. And along this path of undying shades, hues, textures, shapes and ways of being, feeling, and perceiving . . . We can always trust to come back to Love ~ the infinite vibration of Light ~ Together.

This is where our true concept of Community comes into the field. The truths of how we synergize as a unit in sovereign nation, while fully supporting one another and bringing peace to the unified whole through our collective actions and integrations within the Unified Whole. Like extended families of children, parents, grand-parents, and grand-children all living together in one household, in our recent past, and the tribes in Afrika where numerous women care for the children together and the entire group, even strangers within, are considering family to the extent of resting together … Our roots dig deep and connect us on a level we are finding in the simple acceptance of each of us in our natural essence, and embracing the family connections we find within the Completeness of One Another.

Community, bridging from Ancient Roots to New Earth Paradigm, come full circle and meet in the middle. Where we nurture our sustainable technologies, while forming a Union in our basic nature of connection and support for various aspects of our lives. It is so much easier together. The secular notions of our modern society create conscious and unconscious barriers between how we see each other; because one family may live completely different than another, we have this picture painted that we are seemingly, somehow, unrelated in our fact of being human together in one collective web. Where there are truly no separations, not even in your wildest dreams, between one family and the next, for we are all one family in essence.

This is also why many beings leading the upliftment of our New earth Paradigm are either being pulled from the States or bridging their own ways of bringing Tribe together… Because we are beginning to Innerstand our nature as a Collective Unit. That we need each other. That we complete each other. In our difference. The differences most irrevocably bring us closer, when we can communicate in compassion with ourselves.

Why many of us have a hard time facilitating and integrating community life is because we have yet to come into cohesion with ourselves enough to where we truly attract our Tribe … Until then, we are continuously attracting reflections (other beings) who exemplify or bring out alter-aspects of ourselves which may be shadowic or less than satisfactory to some other vibration we are seeking. Which, of course, comes from inner atonement.

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