Validation is Key.
Validation as a symbol and as a vibration emits waves of transmutation throughout the field in which it reaches; collecting information of the senses and cells throughout, to carry forth a notion which penetrates the fabric of the Universal Sphere.

Our cosmic waves scintillating in unison, the messages sent throughout the atmosphere are codes and forms of information constantly beaming us with their validation, writing and coding within our actions and reactions, senses and perceptions of the ripple in which unfolds; our container of awareness which domino effects itself continuously through the eternal threshold.

The permeability of our awareness carries us forth, transforming all it sees, witnesses and experiences into crystals of diamond fire, of trans-dimensional, timeless strands, imprinting truth of emanation upon the wrinkle of time.

Where we are in our imprint beams forth upon our life and reveals itself in the moments to come simply by being the pillar of information with which the universe can reflect itself upon; the Universe being I and only I (You) and only I (You). 

This body, this pillar, this organic form of light in which the soul speaks through, being the central point of the experience, thus the only true thing the Universe can come back to.


In cliche terms, our ripple in the ocean is the entire ocean experiencing itself again and again, from the point it meets to the point it meets, eternally dancing with itself, and playing out the Lila of itself in divine play and grace.

So like the sand in the hourglass we discover our place ceaselessly, sliding through the pinhole of awareness, experiencing creation, graced in each motion, in symbiosis as Most High : Feel the splendour upon your hand as the perceptual field increases and expands, as the 5th Dimensional reality of witnessing the motions and emotions becomes clear. As a happening for the collective, trust your peers. Trust the fields of gold, and become one with the meditation of sensing the golden threads. 

& Rejoice!


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  1. Well spoken. This is the purpose of the Temple of the Mythica. To validate the reality of our Emergence, to witness us as the emissaries of the return to the Garden. The New Lion King. What UP. Blessings.

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